Monday 14 March 2011

Private Theatre

A very special session over this last weekend: two trembling slaves, hooded, gagged and bound, each watching their Mistress flog, chastise, punish and violate the other. The tension in the room was electric, as Mistress brought Her favourite single tails to bear upon the willing flesh of one slave, leaving a glorious web of thin red lines across his back and buttocks. Then Mistress turns to the voyeur, with Her heavy duty harness and large black strap-on in place, and bends him over the chair to violate him, the masochist bearing witness to the hedonist's moans of pain and pleasure. Two captives taken to the edge of agony and ecstasy, Mistress relishing the abundance of toys at Her disposal, the males held in total submission to Her power, Her cruelty flowing like wine and flooding the room. Our private theatre peaks, ebbs and gushes; the scene finds its own dramatic climax, the curtains fall, We are sated.