Saturday 19 July 2014

Candy Cane

you are bent over the table. your legs are spread, and your pink frilly panties are pulled down to the top of your thighs. your suspenders create a perfect frame for your round, white buttocks. Very soon, your bottom will be white no more, it will be striped red and white, just like a candy cane.
Mistress begins with a single hard stroke. As you hear the swish of Her cane through the air, your body becomes tense, which makes the sting of the cane on your flesh even more acute. you flinch as the cane bounces off your bottom, and the first bright red stripe appears, right across the centre line of your behind.
Mistress orders you to take a deep breath, and to gently spread your buttocks so that your anus is revealed, your tender hole exposed to Her instrument. Three quick strokes follow, one above, one below, and one directly across your anus. The pain is sharp and exquisite. your breath has become shallow again, as you try to fight the pain. Mistress commands, again, that you slow down your breathing, taking long slow breaths, embracing the pain.
The swish of the cane through the air, almost a whistle, tells you that the next stroke is much harder. As the cane strikes the upper quadrant of your bottom, you reel and your knees shake beneath you. Running her gloved hand across your behind, Mistress soothes you with soft caresses and a gentle voice, telling you how pretty your bottom looks with its five bright red stripes. You know, however, that She is not done, that Mistress will always administer the cane in groups of six. you try to relax, as ordered, but your heart is racing as you anticipate what must be: the sixth stroke.
When it comes, the whistle and crack of the cane are so loud you wonder if the restaurant next door can hear your punishment in progress. Before you can finish the thought, searing pain spreads from Mistress' cane through your bloodstream. Everything goes black. you are gone.