Thursday 6 February 2014

Nautical but nice

What a naughty Mistress I have been! All day on a yacht, with a mast, a tiller, lots of rope and two submissive creatures. Such freedom, such depravity, such great food and even greater indulgence! Catch Me a fish, she commands, and the lady and gentleman put bait to hooks and prepare the lures ... but Mistress has bigger fish to fry. With a delicate curved piercing needle, Mistress threads the vulva to the scrotum, and waits for the prey to wriggle on the line, before reeling in the catch. Such a delicious meal. And the outlook from the fore deck - breathtaking! With two bodies wrapped in sails, then tied to the main mast, gagged and hoodwinked, it is all too easy for Mistress to take their breath away. Again, and again, and again. After a generous serve of oysters, champagne and sorbet, we commenced the sail back to the mainland. Mistress demands, and the submissives comply; thus we saw the male creature guide the tiller using only the rod inserted in his anus. Mistress handled the sail, while the lady pleasured Mistress with her hands and tongue. Sailing really is so very nautical but nice }