Monday 10 March 2014

Caning season

It is a rare and happy day when Mistress is asked to administer a severe, judicial caning. In England and Scotland, the home of corporal punishment in schools, the penchant for strict caning sessions still thrives, but here in the Antipodes, such thrills are all too rare. So imagine Mistress' delight when She received not one, not two, but three such requests in a weekend! One has to wonder if the stars have aligned in favour of the striped bottom this day, or if a particular type of pollen on the air has triggered the desire for that irreplaceable swish and sting. However this trifecta of pain came about, Mistress is well pleased. Her cane swings and Her heart sings; the red welts that present in even rows of burning desire gratify Her deeply.

Far North Queensland, it's caning season!