Saturday 29 June 2013

Spanking for a fisting

There is nothing like a long, slow, erotic spanking to prepare a bottom for penetration. When the cheeks are warm and rosy red, and the submissive is squirming with pleasure and pain, I know that I can part the cheeks and slide just about anything inside. I might begin with a finger, maybe two, or I might press My thumb all the way down the anal canal; or perhaps a small vibrator may be My first approach. Before long, by working the entrance with a firm fingering, a life size cock will enter with ease. Two, three, four fingers, up past the knuckles, and the anus tightens around my wrist: I've got him by the fist. Satisfaction itself, as the penis dangles uselessly before the male, impaled on Mistress' fist, groaning and moaning and taking a pounding in his rosy cheeked slut arse.

Saturday 18 May 2013

Spit Roast

"Surprise me!" was the only session request made by the hapless male, Gus. The poor boy had no idea what he was in for. When a slave says to a Mistress "Surprise me!", it is almost a challenge, a dare: let's see just how far you can go, how deep, how high, how kinky. I decided I would like to share the fun, so I invited My esteemed colleague Mistress Magda Lane to join Me.

At the appointed time, just as I opened the door to Gus, Mistress Magda Lane materialized behind him, and pushed him to his knees. A pillowcase went over his head, he was bound hand and foot, dragged into My studio and gagged. All this happened in less than a minute. One moment, a free man. The next, held captive by two sadistic Mistresses, one of them completely unknown to slave.

Gus could hear, through his hood, the laughter of two Women, he could feel two sets of heels trampling his legs and torso, and, once his legs had been spread wide and secured, a thorough ball busting ensued, with two pairs of stilettos leaving their marks. A strip search was found to be necessary, during which the Mistresses found various items of interest, most of which were suitably encased in latex and placed inside the male's cavities. Lashings, electrodes, tickling, caning and plenty more laughter followed.

When We tired of torturing our captive, We decided to test the male's cavities for depth, firmess and stamina. Still blindfolded and bound hand and foot, slave was made to take bigger and bigger cocks in its mouth and anus, until slave truly resembled a classic spit roast, impaled by 12 inch cocks either end.
gus, gus gus. you surprised Me!

Saturday 13 April 2013

Darwin Tour April 25 - May 1 2013

Darwin slaves and submissives - I shall soon be among you! From Anzac Day to May Day I shall be conducting sessions in a beautiful apartment in the CBD. Medical sessioms, role play, humiliation, foot fetish, infantilism, latex, leather, rope bondage, CBT, OTK, anal play, cross dressing, fisting, slave training, toilet training, electro torture, pony play, public play - these are just some of the sessions I have already committed to!
So email Me with your requests, and perhaps some of Mistress' time may be allotted to you!
Au revoir
M Amara

Ladies of the Lash

When I opened the door to Josephine, the sight of her took My breath away. It is rare for a Professional Mistress to receive a call from a lady submissive, and then ... Josephine was gorgeous. Tall, slender, high cheekbones, full lips and the longest jet black hair. "Mistress", she stated, "I need a really good flogging." What could I do but comply?
Josephine had a network of ink across her back, arms and torso, and I decided that each branch of her 'tree; of tattoos would bear bright red fruit before she left.
I warmed her up slowly with suede and rubber, before progressing to My thin leather cat 'o nine, and finally, the one that draws blood, the Inquisitor.
Developed during the Spanish Inquisition, the Inquisitor consists of 3 strands of fine, barbed, leather. Deceptively lightweight and small to wield, it never fails to pierce the skin.
My lady was so immersed within her submission and pain, I did not like to end the session by the clock. I gently wound her down, placing her flat on the floor for some more suede flogging, and ending with a light dusting with a latex flogger dipped in salt water. How she shivered, how she smiled, how she cried. My Josephine, my beauty, my lady of the lash.