Sunday, 11 April 2021

Bound to delight

 First, I make him undress.

Every submissive should start naked, unless of course a role play or Mistress' whim dictate otherwise.

Then, I bind his genitals. A lot. With pantyhose. (Newbie Mistresses be warned - you will never get those knots undone again! Either use a bow / half hitch or be prepared to spoil that hose forever. If you tie a knot you will have to cut it off, assuming that one day you allow slave to have its genitals back. I make slave bring his own pantyhose. I would not wish to ruin My own precious hosiery by contact with slave's genitals. Any laddered or otherwise ruined hosiery may be put to good use in genital bondage, however. Reuse, recycle, dominate!)

Once his genitals are tightly bound with laces and hosiery, I may decide to insert a plug and secure that in place with another layer of bondage, or perhaps some very firm control briefs. Over the briefs, a full pair of pantyhose goes. I want all apertures and every inch of skin covered.

Now that slave's nether regions are dealt with, I corset him.  Some vintage shape wear might do it, such as an open bottom full girdle, or a very tight long line brassiere. Sometimes I build a rope corset on him, taking My time, allowing slave to savour the sweet anticipation of his total containment. Each tug on the rope signals another layer on the cage being constructed on his body.

Slave is ready for the outer layer. Pallet wrap plus duct tape is a nice option. Gladwrap does the trick, too.

I do the upper body first, starting at the neck, wrapping the shoulders, around the torso to the waist, then over the hips and down to the knees. Slave is ready to be hog-tied.

Onto the floor, the table, the couch, or perhaps outdoors under the stars, I drop slave onto his belly and secure the hog tie around his wrists and ankles. The only part still free is the head.

Hood, blindfold, gag go on. Head part is under control.

I bind his calves and feet, run the wrap right over the rope and continue down his forearms, over his elbows and up the biceps until it meets the existing layer of bondage. Slave's body is fully encased.

Still breathing there? Yes? Good. Because it's time for the final layer. The wrap is going  over the head and neck, pressing firmly against the temples, the bridge of the nose, the jaw, flattening the ears, squashing the nose and the lips. There are no holes left. Slave is 100% bound.

I have My paramedic scissors handy, of course. I cut a slit under slave's squashed nose, for air, and check again that slave can breathe. Yes? Good. Slave is now a living, breathing, bound and gagged object completely at My mercy.

Yes you, My slave, are bound to delight.

Sunday, 21 June 2020

From iso to ice - oh!

Finally! Mistress is coming back to earth, ready to slide a nice long sliver of ice between your … thighs? cheeks? teeth?
IN REAL LIFE, face to face, crop to tail, cold hard metal to hot wet tongue, this Friday Mistress emerges from the Covid void with sadism to spare.
Ahhh it's been so long!
And even longer since I last wrote in My blog.
How many fistings, floggings, feminisations, mortifications and mummifications have gone unrecorded while Mistress was afk?
Never mind, all shall be written in due time.
My primary message, my big announce, is that I am BACK! Ruling Melbourne this weekend. And that excites Me.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

slave training

The slave is prostrate before Mistress, his forehead to the floor, arms outstretched in supplication, palms up, eyes closed, his anus high and open, exposed. Mistress inspects slave's posture, correcting his flaws with a quick twitch of Her crop, before approving him for collaring. Slave rises onto all fours, hanging his head like the unworthy dog he is. Mistress reads him the riot act. The rules. His submission. Her power. Her domination is absolute. From the tone of Her voice and the sting of Her crop, slave knows there can be no transgressions: Mistress means business.
"Stand before Mistress" comes Her command. Dutifully, slave finds his feet, lowering his gaze, trembling slightly - did he do it right?
"Legs apart. Hands behind your back. Stand up straight!  Don't stand there like a lump of lard, slouching. You are an embarrassment! Be proud to stand before Mistress. Shoulders back, stomach in, chest out, eyes down! Is it really so difficult?"
Slave moves into the required posture, adjusting his body to the correct attitude, hoping, against the odds, to please Mistress. Her hands are upon him  - Mistress' touch! - Her fingernails trace clean red lines across his chest. The sensation is both sharp and sensuous; slave feels his penis stir. Will She be pleased at his arousal? He has no idea.
"Good. Now take a moment to remember this: your standing position. Feel each muscle, each limb, the straightness of your back and the incline of your head, and remember it. Next time it will be easier."
Mistress takes hold of slave's penis and scrotum, and binds them tightly with a soft black cord. The pressure is strong, and causes an immediate erection. Mistress seems not to notice, or at any rate not to care, about slave's excitement. She slaps the penis casually a few times, before grabbing slave's balls and twisting them, right up to the edge of pain.
"Now" says Mistress, "Let's begin your training".

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Dominating Darwin 1 - 7 July

Up in the air again, Mistress Amara arrives in the sprawling, trawling metropolis of the north with 35 kilograms of bondage, torture, anal, electro, cross dressing and discipline equipment in tow.
Catheters, enemas, butt plugs, vibrators, strap ons of various sizes with a sound leather harness to match; electrodes, probes, sounds, bandages, clamps, pegs, gates of hell; floggers, single tails, paddles, tawse, crops, canes and a wooden spoon; silk rope, cotton rope, rubber rope, duct tape, handcuffs, collars, shackles, chains; corsets, panty hose, boots, stilettos, latex, leather; hoods, blindfolds, gags and a straight-jacket. Not quite traveling light. I would call this traveling heavy.  Darwin pets and perverts, you have seven days to avail yourselves of Mistress Amara's session skills and awesome cargo! Come, bend the knee, submit to the Queen of the North!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Cane and Fist

"Now pull down your panties. It's time to bend over and take your punishment, you dirty slut" Mistress commands. you obey, pulling your frilly panties down over your bottom, again, for Mistress. The butt plug is still inside you, buzzing whenever Mistress hits the remote control. you are tense all over, waiting for the sting of the cane. Thwack! A large, heavy object crashes into your bottom. you sneek a glance over your shoulder, to find that Mistress is wielding a large rubber paddle. Thwack! your knees turn to jelly, and your arse is on fire where the paddle has hit you. tears are forming in your eyes, when the swish of the cane rings through the air, the cane landing square across the upper quadrant of your bum. With increasing severity, Mistress lands the cane on your arse again, and again, and again, in quick succession. "Four track lines should be enough for now," Mistress tells you. "Relax", her voice soothes you, "It's all over". you sigh in relief, and suddenly recoil in pain as the cane swings down upon you twice more, tracking two more thin red lines across your cheeks. Mistress laughs as you squirm and groan; "you didn't think I would stop at four did you? That would be highly remiss of Me. Cane strokes are always dealt in groups of six, slave, you know that." Mistress squirts a cool, thin gel onto your stinging bottom, and rubs her gloved hand over your hot red skin. She grabs hold of the butt plug and withdraws it, orders you to breathe deeply, and then She slides Her fingers inside. She counts: "One, two, three fingers, four fingers, and ..." She breaks off the count, and begins to slowly rotate Her fingers inside your arsehole, stretching and massaging your anus. The pleasure of Her fingers inside you is powerful, while the hot, sharp pain on the surface of your arse remains intense. you begin to feel dizzy, weak, and just as you feel your knees give way, Mistress orders you down. "Slave position!" She commands. you place your forehead on the floor, your arms out before you, palms up, your anus pointing to the ceiling. A thick cream is rubbed into and around your hole."you are ready for a fist now".

Saturday, 24 January 2015


"Slave, it's time to hook you up" comes Her voice, soothing and threatening you all at once. A cold hard steel ball presses against your anus. Rolling it around the entrance to your hole, Mistress drips a greasy fluid onto your arse and smears it on with the steel ball. Instructing you to breathe slowly and deeply, with a sudden thrust, Mistress slips the large steel ball deep inside your arse, and lifts the hook up to a vertical position. "Got you", She says with triumph in Her voice. "your arse is Mine". Lifting the hook up high, Mistress threads a length of black rope through the eye of the hook and begins to bind the rope around your shoulders, hips and chest. The steel hook is lodged deep inside your arse now, tied up firmly around your naked body, so that it is pulling on your anus with every breath you take. Mistress is holding the ends of the rope, pulling on your bondage, laughing. "Now" She says "you're hooked".

Friday, 12 December 2014

Clean inside and out

Mistress stands behind you. you cannot see Her, but you sense Her presence completely. your skin is prickling with the knowledge that She is within inches of your bottom, within easy reach of your arse, exposed as it is to the hot stream of water still running over your naked form. "Pull your cheeks harder", She commands. you strain to obey Her. your forehead is hard against the tiled shower floor, and must carry all the weight of your upper body as you reach both hands around your behind to clasp at your buttocks, spreading your arse wide for Mistress to inspect. "Now that you are clean on the outside, I must commence cleansing you on the inside" She informs you. Her gloved finger smears a cold jelly like substance over your anus, and suddenly you feel a thin, hard pipe penetrating your open hole. Mistress is feeding it in, 10, 20, 30 centimetres ... "I shall not stop until we have a full metre inside you" comes Her voice. The cool pipe is warm now, even hot, and deep within your bowels you feel the enema begin to flow. Hot water from the shower head is still streaming over your body, but the warm water filling you from the inside is much more intense. At first it is a blissful sensation, as the hot fluid stretches you from the inside. Soon, however, you are feeling so full you must burst, and you ask Mistress to stop, please, so that you may release the internal fountain you are holding. "No", She says firmly. "you are to take a whole litre for Mistress". you feel as if it is not possible, yet somehow you manage to hold it in, because She told you to. you dare not disagree or argue with Her; to disobey Mistress is to invite all manner of hell. your entire lower body is at once wonderfully and terribly full. you are one with the water, hot, wet fluid all around you and inside you. it takes all your strength to contain the water Mistress has poured into your arse, and your breath is coming fast and hard now with the exertion. your penis, nearly forgotten, starts to dribble a fluid of its own, as the pressure on the prostate begins to force the semen out. you are about to beg, now, for release, when without a word Mistress withdraws her tube, throws the enema bag onto the floor, and turns to wash Her hands. "Flush yourself out." She orders, "Then wash the enema kit. you have another four litres to go." you hear the click of Her heels across the floor, and Mistress is gone, leaving you dripping from every orifice.