Tuesday 11 December 2012

Cosmetic kidnapping

Geoffrey sat quietly on the park bench, watching twilight fall on the mountains surrounding the tropical town of Cairns. Presently, a Lady approached, wearing tight black jodphurs and high black boots, with a white silk shirt. Unusual attire for the tropics. "Do you have the time?" she asked, Her voice sultry and warm. Her steely eyes made Geoffrey nervous; there was an element of threat in Her approach. Obediently, he looked down at his watch. Just as he was about to answer the Lady, he felt a cold, hard cylinder pressed into the back of his ribs. "Get up and walk", was the command, the voice now as cold and hard as the weapon pointed at his heart. "Smile as you walk, look happy, and do exactly as I say, or I will blow your chest apart." Across the road and into a nearby apartment building, Geoffrey passed a group of children playing outside their home. "Give them a nice wave and keep walking." Geoffrey obeyed, the weapon now painfully hard up against his skin. "We have been watching you for some time. Now, you will answer My questions, or suffer the consequences: prolonged and excruciating torture." Soon Geoffrey found himself inside a plush apartment, decorated with instruments of pain and punishment. The Lady threw him to the floor, quickly binding his hands behind his back. For the first time, She stepped in front of him, and he could clearly see how beautiful and how terrifying was his captor. The weapon, now withdrawn from his ribcage, was waved before his face. With a wicked smile, She mocked him: "Geoffrey, you have just been taken prisoner with a stick of mascara".