Tuesday 11 December 2012

Cosmetic kidnapping

Geoffrey sat quietly on the park bench, watching twilight fall on the mountains surrounding the tropical town of Cairns. Presently, a Lady approached, wearing tight black jodphurs and high black boots, with a white silk shirt. Unusual attire for the tropics. "Do you have the time?" she asked, Her voice sultry and warm. Her steely eyes made Geoffrey nervous; there was an element of threat in Her approach. Obediently, he looked down at his watch. Just as he was about to answer the Lady, he felt a cold, hard cylinder pressed into the back of his ribs. "Get up and walk", was the command, the voice now as cold and hard as the weapon pointed at his heart. "Smile as you walk, look happy, and do exactly as I say, or I will blow your chest apart." Across the road and into a nearby apartment building, Geoffrey passed a group of children playing outside their home. "Give them a nice wave and keep walking." Geoffrey obeyed, the weapon now painfully hard up against his skin. "We have been watching you for some time. Now, you will answer My questions, or suffer the consequences: prolonged and excruciating torture." Soon Geoffrey found himself inside a plush apartment, decorated with instruments of pain and punishment. The Lady threw him to the floor, quickly binding his hands behind his back. For the first time, She stepped in front of him, and he could clearly see how beautiful and how terrifying was his captor. The weapon, now withdrawn from his ribcage, was waved before his face. With a wicked smile, She mocked him: "Geoffrey, you have just been taken prisoner with a stick of mascara".

Tuesday 13 November 2012

Fifi the Ironing Maiden

Fifi the Ironing Maiden - a mixture of heavy metal contractor and frilly knickered slut - quite literally turned the tables on Me the other day. In a 'normal' session, Fifi will iron My clothing as I penetrate her slut arse from behind, whispering dirty nothings in her ear all the while. Last session, however, Fifi became the ironing board! So Mistress had her slutty maid on all fours, being violated with My left hand and ironed with My right. No wrinkles left on Fifi, I assure you. Smooth as silk, inside and out.

Sunday 4 November 2012

Breast bondage in public!

I had a ball - quite a few balls actually - at the OUT! Party in Cairns last night. Breast bondage with a beautiful and very sexy lady, cock flogging, nipple torture and plenty of paddling, all live on stage, smack bang in the middle of town. Thanks to Cairns fetishists and to the GLBTI community for a wild night!

Sunday 14 October 2012

My New Torture Garden

Cairns slaves and submissives rejoice! Mistress Amara has a beautiful new studio near the centre of town, equipped with every kind of erotic bondage and torture tool in the known fetish world. Up for a circumcision? Sensory deprivation? Sissification? Or a good old fashioned bare bottom spanking? come put yourself at My feet ...

Thursday 7 June 2012

Melbourne visit

Mistress shall fly to Melbourne tomorrow, to seek out some new leather wear and exercise Her crop on some southern bottoms. A few cabaret shows and some cocktail dates are definitely in order. I shall be presiding over the southern city until june 16, should any Melbourne bottoms need a cropping.

school girl on skype

Mistress Amara has been indulging in some utterly filthy on-line play of late, involving long Skype video calls, student-teacher role plays, nipple clamps, piercings and of course vibrating butt plugs. Quite an explosive combination, as it turns out. Intriguing how chemical reactions can occur even in the virtual world. My dirty school girl came all over her keyboard as she showed Me her open lips. I do enjoy a beautiful, dirty girl slave :}

Thursday 17 May 2012

sissy soldiers

Mistress has been truly, dreadfully, enjoying Herself in Her tropical 'dungeon'. A spate of fresh-faced, smooth-skinned military boys have crossed My path lately. These strapping young men deserve nothing more than to be  dressed in high heels, suspenders and stockings, and a pretty little negligee. Once attired, a sound spanking must be administered. When the buttocks of the sissy are like two ripe tomatoes, and are hot to the touch, it is time for My cock to find its way between those hot red cheeks and give that bottom a pounding.
Not one, not two, nor three, but FOUR young sailors and soldiers in a row. Exactly what goes on in our Defense forces these days?