Friday 12 December 2014

Clean inside and out

Mistress stands behind you. you cannot see Her, but you sense Her presence completely. your skin is prickling with the knowledge that She is within inches of your bottom, within easy reach of your arse, exposed as it is to the hot stream of water still running over your naked form. "Pull your cheeks harder", She commands. you strain to obey Her. your forehead is hard against the tiled shower floor, and must carry all the weight of your upper body as you reach both hands around your behind to clasp at your buttocks, spreading your arse wide for Mistress to inspect. "Now that you are clean on the outside, I must commence cleansing you on the inside" She informs you. Her gloved finger smears a cold jelly like substance over your anus, and suddenly you feel a thin, hard pipe penetrating your open hole. Mistress is feeding it in, 10, 20, 30 centimetres ... "I shall not stop until we have a full metre inside you" comes Her voice. The cool pipe is warm now, even hot, and deep within your bowels you feel the enema begin to flow. Hot water from the shower head is still streaming over your body, but the warm water filling you from the inside is much more intense. At first it is a blissful sensation, as the hot fluid stretches you from the inside. Soon, however, you are feeling so full you must burst, and you ask Mistress to stop, please, so that you may release the internal fountain you are holding. "No", She says firmly. "you are to take a whole litre for Mistress". you feel as if it is not possible, yet somehow you manage to hold it in, because She told you to. you dare not disagree or argue with Her; to disobey Mistress is to invite all manner of hell. your entire lower body is at once wonderfully and terribly full. you are one with the water, hot, wet fluid all around you and inside you. it takes all your strength to contain the water Mistress has poured into your arse, and your breath is coming fast and hard now with the exertion. your penis, nearly forgotten, starts to dribble a fluid of its own, as the pressure on the prostate begins to force the semen out. you are about to beg, now, for release, when without a word Mistress withdraws her tube, throws the enema bag onto the floor, and turns to wash Her hands. "Flush yourself out." She orders, "Then wash the enema kit. you have another four litres to go." you hear the click of Her heels across the floor, and Mistress is gone, leaving you dripping from every orifice.

Sunday 7 December 2014

Hot Water

you stand naked on the tiled floor, letting the hot water from the shower pelt down upon the back of your neck. Hot streams are running off your shoulders and flowing over your chest and back, warming your skin. you are soaked. Mistress has ordered you to cleanse every orifice: eyes, ears, nose, throat, urethra and anus. Beginning at the top, you turn your face to the shower and allow the jet stream to fall on your eyes. Tilting your head, you flush one ear and then the other. Cupping your hands together, you collect a small pool of water and suck it up one nostril at a time before blowing it out again. It stings, and brings tears to your eyes, but Mistress has ordered that every orifice be thoroughly cleaned, so you must tolerate the pain. With your head tilted all the way back, you open your mouth wide and let the hot shower run over your tongue and into your throat, trying hard not to gag. Soon your oral cavity is overflowing, and the water is gushing from your lips and rolling down your throat. your facial holes flushed clean, now you turn your attention to your penis. Remembering the tight bondage Mistress likes to apply, and the lead weights She sometimes hangs from your balls, your penis starts to stiffen. The temptation to stroke it, maybe even to hold and pull on it, is very real, but Mistress has expressly forbidden any masturbation during cleansing, and you know that one small mistake will lead to six sharp strokes of the cane. So you resist, and instead of stroking the head, you pull on the glans, stretching it apart, so that your little penis hole is exposed. The impact of the shower jet on your opened penis is stronger than you had imagined, and you have to fight the urge to pull away. you know that Mistress is very likely to check every hole you have, and that if She finds any unclean parts, your bottom will again take the punishment.

The door opens and shuts, and suddenly Mistress is before you. "Turn around", she orders. "Slave position". And so you find yourself on your knees, your arse raised up high, and your forehead on the floor, hot water hitting your back and your bottom. Mistress nudges your bottom with her boot. "Now spread your cheeks".