Saturday 29 June 2013

Spanking for a fisting

There is nothing like a long, slow, erotic spanking to prepare a bottom for penetration. When the cheeks are warm and rosy red, and the submissive is squirming with pleasure and pain, I know that I can part the cheeks and slide just about anything inside. I might begin with a finger, maybe two, or I might press My thumb all the way down the anal canal; or perhaps a small vibrator may be My first approach. Before long, by working the entrance with a firm fingering, a life size cock will enter with ease. Two, three, four fingers, up past the knuckles, and the anus tightens around my wrist: I've got him by the fist. Satisfaction itself, as the penis dangles uselessly before the male, impaled on Mistress' fist, groaning and moaning and taking a pounding in his rosy cheeked slut arse.