Thursday 4 February 2016

slave training

The slave is prostrate before Mistress, his forehead to the floor, arms outstretched in supplication, palms up, eyes closed, his anus high and open, exposed. Mistress inspects slave's posture, correcting his flaws with a quick twitch of Her crop, before approving him for collaring. Slave rises onto all fours, hanging his head like the unworthy dog he is. Mistress reads him the riot act. The rules. His submission. Her power. Her domination is absolute. From the tone of Her voice and the sting of Her crop, slave knows there can be no transgressions: Mistress means business.
"Stand before Mistress" comes Her command. Dutifully, slave finds his feet, lowering his gaze, trembling slightly - did he do it right?
"Legs apart. Hands behind your back. Stand up straight!  Don't stand there like a lump of lard, slouching. You are an embarrassment! Be proud to stand before Mistress. Shoulders back, stomach in, chest out, eyes down! Is it really so difficult?"
Slave moves into the required posture, adjusting his body to the correct attitude, hoping, against the odds, to please Mistress. Her hands are upon him  - Mistress' touch! - Her fingernails trace clean red lines across his chest. The sensation is both sharp and sensuous; slave feels his penis stir. Will She be pleased at his arousal? He has no idea.
"Good. Now take a moment to remember this: your standing position. Feel each muscle, each limb, the straightness of your back and the incline of your head, and remember it. Next time it will be easier."
Mistress takes hold of slave's penis and scrotum, and binds them tightly with a soft black cord. The pressure is strong, and causes an immediate erection. Mistress seems not to notice, or at any rate not to care, about slave's excitement. She slaps the penis casually a few times, before grabbing slave's balls and twisting them, right up to the edge of pain.
"Now" says Mistress, "Let's begin your training".