Saturday 24 January 2015


"Slave, it's time to hook you up" comes Her voice, soothing and threatening you all at once. A cold hard steel ball presses against your anus. Rolling it around the entrance to your hole, Mistress drips a greasy fluid onto your arse and smears it on with the steel ball. Instructing you to breathe slowly and deeply, with a sudden thrust, Mistress slips the large steel ball deep inside your arse, and lifts the hook up to a vertical position. "Got you", She says with triumph in Her voice. "your arse is Mine". Lifting the hook up high, Mistress threads a length of black rope through the eye of the hook and begins to bind the rope around your shoulders, hips and chest. The steel hook is lodged deep inside your arse now, tied up firmly around your naked body, so that it is pulling on your anus with every breath you take. Mistress is holding the ends of the rope, pulling on your bondage, laughing. "Now" She says "you're hooked".