Friday 12 December 2014

Clean inside and out

Mistress stands behind you. you cannot see Her, but you sense Her presence completely. your skin is prickling with the knowledge that She is within inches of your bottom, within easy reach of your arse, exposed as it is to the hot stream of water still running over your naked form. "Pull your cheeks harder", She commands. you strain to obey Her. your forehead is hard against the tiled shower floor, and must carry all the weight of your upper body as you reach both hands around your behind to clasp at your buttocks, spreading your arse wide for Mistress to inspect. "Now that you are clean on the outside, I must commence cleansing you on the inside" She informs you. Her gloved finger smears a cold jelly like substance over your anus, and suddenly you feel a thin, hard pipe penetrating your open hole. Mistress is feeding it in, 10, 20, 30 centimetres ... "I shall not stop until we have a full metre inside you" comes Her voice. The cool pipe is warm now, even hot, and deep within your bowels you feel the enema begin to flow. Hot water from the shower head is still streaming over your body, but the warm water filling you from the inside is much more intense. At first it is a blissful sensation, as the hot fluid stretches you from the inside. Soon, however, you are feeling so full you must burst, and you ask Mistress to stop, please, so that you may release the internal fountain you are holding. "No", She says firmly. "you are to take a whole litre for Mistress". you feel as if it is not possible, yet somehow you manage to hold it in, because She told you to. you dare not disagree or argue with Her; to disobey Mistress is to invite all manner of hell. your entire lower body is at once wonderfully and terribly full. you are one with the water, hot, wet fluid all around you and inside you. it takes all your strength to contain the water Mistress has poured into your arse, and your breath is coming fast and hard now with the exertion. your penis, nearly forgotten, starts to dribble a fluid of its own, as the pressure on the prostate begins to force the semen out. you are about to beg, now, for release, when without a word Mistress withdraws her tube, throws the enema bag onto the floor, and turns to wash Her hands. "Flush yourself out." She orders, "Then wash the enema kit. you have another four litres to go." you hear the click of Her heels across the floor, and Mistress is gone, leaving you dripping from every orifice.

Sunday 7 December 2014

Hot Water

you stand naked on the tiled floor, letting the hot water from the shower pelt down upon the back of your neck. Hot streams are running off your shoulders and flowing over your chest and back, warming your skin. you are soaked. Mistress has ordered you to cleanse every orifice: eyes, ears, nose, throat, urethra and anus. Beginning at the top, you turn your face to the shower and allow the jet stream to fall on your eyes. Tilting your head, you flush one ear and then the other. Cupping your hands together, you collect a small pool of water and suck it up one nostril at a time before blowing it out again. It stings, and brings tears to your eyes, but Mistress has ordered that every orifice be thoroughly cleaned, so you must tolerate the pain. With your head tilted all the way back, you open your mouth wide and let the hot shower run over your tongue and into your throat, trying hard not to gag. Soon your oral cavity is overflowing, and the water is gushing from your lips and rolling down your throat. your facial holes flushed clean, now you turn your attention to your penis. Remembering the tight bondage Mistress likes to apply, and the lead weights She sometimes hangs from your balls, your penis starts to stiffen. The temptation to stroke it, maybe even to hold and pull on it, is very real, but Mistress has expressly forbidden any masturbation during cleansing, and you know that one small mistake will lead to six sharp strokes of the cane. So you resist, and instead of stroking the head, you pull on the glans, stretching it apart, so that your little penis hole is exposed. The impact of the shower jet on your opened penis is stronger than you had imagined, and you have to fight the urge to pull away. you know that Mistress is very likely to check every hole you have, and that if She finds any unclean parts, your bottom will again take the punishment.

The door opens and shuts, and suddenly Mistress is before you. "Turn around", she orders. "Slave position". And so you find yourself on your knees, your arse raised up high, and your forehead on the floor, hot water hitting your back and your bottom. Mistress nudges your bottom with her boot. "Now spread your cheeks".

Thursday 13 November 2014

Cairns November 20/21st

After some delightful deviance in Darwin, Mistress has returned to Cairns to prepare for a new round of erotic torture, missions into fantasy land, and of course some good old fashioned spanking. Respectful slaves and submissives may contact Mistress to make an appointment, but be warned! Mistress does not tolerate fools gladly. She does, however, thrash them gladly. Do you desire a stiletto heeled boot print on your backside? Happy to oblige. Mistress' medical collection has grown, extending now to numerous violet wand and  E Stim attachments. Prepare to be shocked by Her array of instruments, and disarmed by the charming way She speaks to you as She inserts ever larger objects inside you. Cairns: the game is on!

Saturday 19 July 2014

Candy Cane

you are bent over the table. your legs are spread, and your pink frilly panties are pulled down to the top of your thighs. your suspenders create a perfect frame for your round, white buttocks. Very soon, your bottom will be white no more, it will be striped red and white, just like a candy cane.
Mistress begins with a single hard stroke. As you hear the swish of Her cane through the air, your body becomes tense, which makes the sting of the cane on your flesh even more acute. you flinch as the cane bounces off your bottom, and the first bright red stripe appears, right across the centre line of your behind.
Mistress orders you to take a deep breath, and to gently spread your buttocks so that your anus is revealed, your tender hole exposed to Her instrument. Three quick strokes follow, one above, one below, and one directly across your anus. The pain is sharp and exquisite. your breath has become shallow again, as you try to fight the pain. Mistress commands, again, that you slow down your breathing, taking long slow breaths, embracing the pain.
The swish of the cane through the air, almost a whistle, tells you that the next stroke is much harder. As the cane strikes the upper quadrant of your bottom, you reel and your knees shake beneath you. Running her gloved hand across your behind, Mistress soothes you with soft caresses and a gentle voice, telling you how pretty your bottom looks with its five bright red stripes. You know, however, that She is not done, that Mistress will always administer the cane in groups of six. you try to relax, as ordered, but your heart is racing as you anticipate what must be: the sixth stroke.
When it comes, the whistle and crack of the cane are so loud you wonder if the restaurant next door can hear your punishment in progress. Before you can finish the thought, searing pain spreads from Mistress' cane through your bloodstream. Everything goes black. you are gone.

Tuesday 6 May 2014

Cairns 21st - 23rd May

May I? May you? Shall we?
Mistress is tickled pink to announce Her next Cairns sessions: Wednesday May 21st - Friday May 23rd. I know it's been a long time between drinks for you golden shower fans, and My cross dressing sissies are long overdue for a parade. So I shall make Myself available for TWO WHOLE DAYS  - not to mention the nights - in a central location, for all My water sports fans, arse sluts, bondage fiends and sundry slaves in need of Mistress' firm hand. I have new toys and new ideas I can't wait to try ;}
Mistress advises you to book early - as you know, I'm a hard Lady to catch. Email is the most reliable, otherwise just keep phoning!

Friday 11 April 2014

Kinky Darwin rocks the party

Darwin lads and ladies have been keeping Mistress well entertained :} From elaborate medical scenarios, ball busting, small penis humiliation and flagellation through to furious fisting and plenty of bondage, Mistress has had her wicked hands wonderfully full. I am missing: foot worship, cross dressing, and some fanciful role play sessions! NT kinksters, don't let Me down here! Bring your hungry mouths and bottoms to Mistress for some fetish fulfillment - only three days to go!
I'm in a lovely apartment in the CBD, very private, with ample space and a multitude of toys for kinky pleasures. 0403131148 - don't be late! 

Friday 4 April 2014

Tickle My fancy

My slave girl is bound hand and foot, her arms above her head and tied with silken scarves to the bed head, her ankles wide, so that her labia are slightly parted. She is stretched to the limit of comfort, her armpits, belly, throat, vulva, inner thighs all deliciously exposed.
To begin with, just the idea of tickling. Bringing the fingertips down close to her mouth, stroking her eyebrows, whispering of the torture to come. A breath blown gently across her face, a tongue almost touching, and then withdrawing, a silk handkerchief drawn slowly across her face, coming to rest over her eyes. Now the kerchief is drawn tight, she can no longer see, but only listen, and wait for My touch.
I begin with a feather, a long, stiff, white quill. I trace a circle around her breasts, run the tip up her throat to her now panting lips, and down to her navel. Her breath is gaining pace as I run the single quiver slowly up the side of her torso, flick over the armpit, and across the inner arm. A light brush across her painfully erect nipples, and my hot, moist breath alerting her that my mouth is exquisitely close to her breasts.
A finger traces the outline of her foot. First one, then the other. Slave girl is shaking in anticipation now, begging for sensation. Mistress is cruel; mistress makes her wait. Now, so barely there, fingers glide along her tense calf muscles, lingering just above the knee, before sliding up her parted inner thighs. Her whole body tenses. The clitoris is swollen and pulsing, but Mistress will not succumb to the temptation, not yet.

Slave girl, aroused to the point of agony, crying with want, is ready to be tickled now.

Monday 10 March 2014

Caning season

It is a rare and happy day when Mistress is asked to administer a severe, judicial caning. In England and Scotland, the home of corporal punishment in schools, the penchant for strict caning sessions still thrives, but here in the Antipodes, such thrills are all too rare. So imagine Mistress' delight when She received not one, not two, but three such requests in a weekend! One has to wonder if the stars have aligned in favour of the striped bottom this day, or if a particular type of pollen on the air has triggered the desire for that irreplaceable swish and sting. However this trifecta of pain came about, Mistress is well pleased. Her cane swings and Her heart sings; the red welts that present in even rows of burning desire gratify Her deeply.

Far North Queensland, it's caning season!

Thursday 6 February 2014

Nautical but nice

What a naughty Mistress I have been! All day on a yacht, with a mast, a tiller, lots of rope and two submissive creatures. Such freedom, such depravity, such great food and even greater indulgence! Catch Me a fish, she commands, and the lady and gentleman put bait to hooks and prepare the lures ... but Mistress has bigger fish to fry. With a delicate curved piercing needle, Mistress threads the vulva to the scrotum, and waits for the prey to wriggle on the line, before reeling in the catch. Such a delicious meal. And the outlook from the fore deck - breathtaking! With two bodies wrapped in sails, then tied to the main mast, gagged and hoodwinked, it is all too easy for Mistress to take their breath away. Again, and again, and again. After a generous serve of oysters, champagne and sorbet, we commenced the sail back to the mainland. Mistress demands, and the submissives comply; thus we saw the male creature guide the tiller using only the rod inserted in his anus. Mistress handled the sail, while the lady pleasured Mistress with her hands and tongue. Sailing really is so very nautical but nice }