Sunday 11 April 2021

Bound to delight

 First, I make him undress.

Every submissive should start naked, unless of course a role play or Mistress' whim dictate otherwise.

Then, I bind his genitals. A lot. With pantyhose. (Newbie Mistresses be warned - you will never get those knots undone again! Either use a bow / half hitch or be prepared to spoil that hose forever. If you tie a knot you will have to cut it off, assuming that one day you allow slave to have its genitals back. I make slave bring his own pantyhose. I would not wish to ruin My own precious hosiery by contact with slave's genitals. Any laddered or otherwise ruined hosiery may be put to good use in genital bondage, however. Reuse, recycle, dominate!)

Once his genitals are tightly bound with laces and hosiery, I may decide to insert a plug and secure that in place with another layer of bondage, or perhaps some very firm control briefs. Over the briefs, a full pair of pantyhose goes. I want all apertures and every inch of skin covered.

Now that slave's nether regions are dealt with, I corset him.  Some vintage shape wear might do it, such as an open bottom full girdle, or a very tight long line brassiere. Sometimes I build a rope corset on him, taking My time, allowing slave to savour the sweet anticipation of his total containment. Each tug on the rope signals another layer on the cage being constructed on his body.

Slave is ready for the outer layer. Pallet wrap plus duct tape is a nice option. Gladwrap does the trick, too.

I do the upper body first, starting at the neck, wrapping the shoulders, around the torso to the waist, then over the hips and down to the knees. Slave is ready to be hog-tied.

Onto the floor, the table, the couch, or perhaps outdoors under the stars, I drop slave onto his belly and secure the hog tie around his wrists and ankles. The only part still free is the head.

Hood, blindfold, gag go on. Head part is under control.

I bind his calves and feet, run the wrap right over the rope and continue down his forearms, over his elbows and up the biceps until it meets the existing layer of bondage. Slave's body is fully encased.

Still breathing there? Yes? Good. Because it's time for the final layer. The wrap is going  over the head and neck, pressing firmly against the temples, the bridge of the nose, the jaw, flattening the ears, squashing the nose and the lips. There are no holes left. Slave is 100% bound.

I have My paramedic scissors handy, of course. I cut a slit under slave's squashed nose, for air, and check again that slave can breathe. Yes? Good. Slave is now a living, breathing, bound and gagged object completely at My mercy.

Yes you, My slave, are bound to delight.

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