Wednesday 11 March 2015

Cane and Fist

"Now pull down your panties. It's time to bend over and take your punishment, you dirty slut" Mistress commands. you obey, pulling your frilly panties down over your bottom, again, for Mistress. The butt plug is still inside you, buzzing whenever Mistress hits the remote control. you are tense all over, waiting for the sting of the cane. Thwack! A large, heavy object crashes into your bottom. you sneek a glance over your shoulder, to find that Mistress is wielding a large rubber paddle. Thwack! your knees turn to jelly, and your arse is on fire where the paddle has hit you. tears are forming in your eyes, when the swish of the cane rings through the air, the cane landing square across the upper quadrant of your bum. With increasing severity, Mistress lands the cane on your arse again, and again, and again, in quick succession. "Four track lines should be enough for now," Mistress tells you. "Relax", her voice soothes you, "It's all over". you sigh in relief, and suddenly recoil in pain as the cane swings down upon you twice more, tracking two more thin red lines across your cheeks. Mistress laughs as you squirm and groan; "you didn't think I would stop at four did you? That would be highly remiss of Me. Cane strokes are always dealt in groups of six, slave, you know that." Mistress squirts a cool, thin gel onto your stinging bottom, and rubs her gloved hand over your hot red skin. She grabs hold of the butt plug and withdraws it, orders you to breathe deeply, and then She slides Her fingers inside. She counts: "One, two, three fingers, four fingers, and ..." She breaks off the count, and begins to slowly rotate Her fingers inside your arsehole, stretching and massaging your anus. The pleasure of Her fingers inside you is powerful, while the hot, sharp pain on the surface of your arse remains intense. you begin to feel dizzy, weak, and just as you feel your knees give way, Mistress orders you down. "Slave position!" She commands. you place your forehead on the floor, your arms out before you, palms up, your anus pointing to the ceiling. A thick cream is rubbed into and around your hole."you are ready for a fist now".

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