Wednesday 1 July 2015

Dominating Darwin 1 - 7 July

Up in the air again, Mistress Amara arrives in the sprawling, trawling metropolis of the north with 35 kilograms of bondage, torture, anal, electro, cross dressing and discipline equipment in tow.
Catheters, enemas, butt plugs, vibrators, strap ons of various sizes with a sound leather harness to match; electrodes, probes, sounds, bandages, clamps, pegs, gates of hell; floggers, single tails, paddles, tawse, crops, canes and a wooden spoon; silk rope, cotton rope, rubber rope, duct tape, handcuffs, collars, shackles, chains; corsets, panty hose, boots, stilettos, latex, leather; hoods, blindfolds, gags and a straight-jacket. Not quite traveling light. I would call this traveling heavy.  Darwin pets and perverts, you have seven days to avail yourselves of Mistress Amara's session skills and awesome cargo! Come, bend the knee, submit to the Queen of the North!

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